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Welcome to my Audiencer Review. You’ve landed on this page, so you probably looking for an FB Targeting options list and find interests to target with your ads. As we know that Targeting ads is an important part of a successful advertising campaign but if it doesn’t reach the right people at the right time you can’t reach your desired goal no matter how perfect is your ad.

Here I am going to review a cloud-based software that reveals thousands of interests to target with your ads. Introducing Audiencer – A. I Technology that gets you 1 cent clicks hyper-targeted traffic and unlimited sales with no work involved.

Scroll down for more details about Audiencer like its, features, pricing, and my bonuses.

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Vendor:Petru Iacob
Refund:30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support:Effective Response
Recommended:Highly Recommended

Audiencer Review – What is it?

Audiencer is a cloud-based software that gives the fastest solution for precise Facebook targeting that can finally get your ads profitable. It gives access to untapped hidden interests that are impossible to get with the default FB audience tool.

Suppose In the ads manager, you’re limited to 25 results for both the search function and the suggestions functionality but in the audiencer, they are using marketing API o bring you the full list of interests that would come as results of your searches.

Here is how you are getting a new standard in Interests Targeting:

  • Search Faster – You speed up your research work and therefore, you save time on the way.
  • Never Lose Your Work – You can save it to your interests collection Whenever you found an interests that you want to target and can access later.
  • Innovative Recommendation Engine – With Audiencer you are getting a powerful recommendations engine that groups interests with similar tags. Now it is much easier to get the best recommendations for your target customer.


How to use Audiencer?

Using Audiencer is very easy. In just three steps you can discover varied interests of your niche and help you send tens of thousands of new visitors every day.

Step 1 Create a New Project and then A New Audience by entering Audience Name and Niche


Step 2 Dig as deep as you want to get hundreds of interests, even the ones no one thought exists in seconds, and save your favorite ones.


Step 3 Add your newly discovered interests to your campaign and Watch Low-Cost, Laser-Targeted, ROI-Boosting Traffic Roll In.

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Audiencer Review – Features

Let me show you the best features that Audiencer offers to its users:

Lightning Fast Start: Lightning fast access to interests that actually make money, never go wrong with your targeting ever

Lower Your CPC With High-Affinity Interests: It shows hose interests that will put your ad in front of the most passionate users in your niche.

Speed Up Your Research And Save Time On The Way: You simply start by creating an audience inside of your project and point it to your niche. You just build-up and keep asking for suggestions and adding the interests you find the most relevant for your niche.

Intuitive UI: Better and more organized UI than the default FB Audience Insights Tool

Niche Recommendations: Just tell us what your niche is, or who is your target customer and it will get recommended interests right away, without doing any search at all.

Adaptive Suggestions: From the entire list of interests in your collection, you can grab a few only and get suggestions for those (without continually deleting and adding to your list as you’d normally do in the audience builder).

Works on any device or browser: PC, Mac, Win OS, Android or iOS, Audiencer works on all devices and with all browsers.


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Audiencer features


Audiencer Review- Commonly Asked Questions

  • What Makes Audiencer Different? It is a little bit of artificial intelligence, the special way they have integrated marketing API of Facebook combined with a lot of enterprise-level coding, that’s what enables it to dig so deeper.
  • I’m New, Will This Help? You bet it will, most newcomers go wrong when it comes to targeting. They run an ad and no one clicks on the ad. That’s because the message isn’t resonating with people. Audiencer fixes that so you could laser target only those people who are passionate about what you have to offer.
  • When Can I Start Making Sales? You can as soon as today. Just have an ad ready, use Audiencer to find highly relevant interests and you should be good to go.
  • Is my ads account safe ? Yes – your account is safe! Audiencer uses the latest facebook API and it’s 100% safe and Facebook TOS compliant.

Audiencer Review Conclusion

In my opinion, this platform deserves worth a try. You can see for yourself over the next few days if it can boost your profits. If it doesn’t you have nothing to lose anyway because you can claim a refund within 30 days.

Therefore Without further ado go and grab a piece before the launch price goes up. For more information about this software click the below button. Thanks for checking my Audiencer Review.

Audiencer bonus

In order to get the Bonuses you need to do the following steps:

1. Purchase Audiencer from our website.

2. Contact me to get all the bonuses


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