Tagget Review

Tagget Review

For the first time ever anyone can able to interact and engage with your visitors, leads or customers. Use the Five MOST effective channels of marketing under one central dashboard.


It allows you to SET UP Interactive Campaigns for these UNTAPPED marketing channels in a matter of minutes!

And once you deploy your FIRST campaign, you’re going to QUICKLY recognize that these are the MOST powerful and most PROFITABLE type of marketing campaigns that you can EVER create!


Product: Tagget

Creator: Misan Morrison

Front end Price: $47

Recommended: Highly

30 Days cash back Guarantee

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What is Tagget?

Tagget is the World’s 1st A.I Multi-Channel Marketing Platform that allows you to set up Interactive and Engaging SMS, Phone Call, Email, Story, and Interactive Voicemail Campaigns under one central dashboard. All at a ONE-TIME price during a special one off launch period.

And Your customers can Easily Collect $500-$2,000 paydays over and over again by simply helping local and online businesses set up these campaigns. It includes a full AGENCY LICENSE on the front end for each and every buyer.

The 5-in-1 Marketing Platform EVER  can created in Just 4 Simple Steps:


Step 1

Login into your Tagget dashboard. Then set up your tagget phone number for COMMUNICATING with your website visitors, leads or customers.

Step 2

Create a Lead capture campaign to build a RESPONSIVE list of Emails, and Phone numbers in MINUTES.

Step 3

Engage those leads by deploying automatic and simultaneous, multi-channel Phone, SMS, Email, Story & Interactive Voicemail campaigns to CLOSE those leads FOR YOU!

Step 4

Collect Your Checks and Rinse And Repeat Steps 1 to 3 as MANY times as you’d like!


  • 2 Way Phone Number –Instantly get an AI phone number assigned to your account. Then use to start your live marketing campaign to 10X your business conversions.
  • Capture Form Pages – Then Create lead capturing campaigns, Coupon Code Page campaigns, countdown timer Campaigns, Splash Page Campaigns and More.
  • Capture Story Widget –With our first to market on-page Story Widget, you can instantly tell your story about your brand, product or services. Instantly appeal to your visitor so that they take a buying action, participate on a live poll, fill a form or get redirected to an affiliate promo link.
  • Voicemail Transcription -Also Get real-time speech-text transcription & notifications of voicemails as SMS or email messages. You get this straight to your mobile phone, from prospects or customers visiting your websites, without even having to leave your page!
  • Website-Phone Calls -Allow your website visitors to launch calls from your website straight to your handset, without the stress of copying numbers, or delaying them to Take Certain Actions On your websites.
  • Schemes (Event Triggers) -Smart incoming call or SMS action triggers based on preset conditions such as weekends, holidays, business hours etc.
Also it offers
  • Call Recording -Realtime call conversation audio recording to help you improve after call customer engagements, less taking notes, so you follow on with prospects automatically untill you make a sale.
  • Interact Flow (IVR) -Build a call flow to accept input from callers and route them in various ways (across agents, actions, etc.).
    Then Build the first ever Call Lead Generating Campaigns and Give Your Callers Call-To-Actions that Automates your Lead-Magnet Delivery.
  • Engage (SMS, Email, Whatsapp etc.) -Stay connected and closer to your callers and website visitor Also Interact and engage your callers and visitors even after phone calls, and even after they leave your page!
  • Broadcast Phone Calls -You have multiple customer care agents or service field workers therefore No need for multiple numbers. Now you can broadcast an incoming call to everyone at will!
  • Caller Identification -Then Automatic caller details displayed to enable you to get valuable details of who is calling, right inside of your dashboard.
  • Email Notifier –Create an Email notifier campaign from your existing email (gmail, yahoo, outlook, webmail etc) setting specific keywords or key phrases for incoming emails.
  • Insight Analytics – Finally, Get to know the Geographical location and behaviour of your business visitors.


Finally, I hope with my Tagget review I had given enough Insights and Knowlwdge of the product. This is an one time advantage to grab the offer. Boost your profits with First and Only 5-in-1 Marketing Platform.

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